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At Chuan Wu Kung Fu Institute our Masters and Sifus teach a very comprehensive system of Chinese Kung Fu with an extensive array of traditional Shaolin weapons. The Martial Arts programs we offer cover both the External and Internal Styles of Kung Fu as well as Qi Gong meditation.

This ancient Chinese Martial Arts system will help you in developing strength and flexibility, increased endurance, better balance, improved dexterity, and stronger bones and joints. The training at Chuan Wu Kung Fu will condition your body and mind with discipline at every step of the way. The self-defense skills and techniques you learn will help you physically and mentally in facing the challenges of everyday life.

Come and join us for this unique and wonderful journey together...

"The journey of a thousand leagues begins from beneath your feet."  Lao-Tsu





"Invest in yourself for Health and Longevity"


At Chuan Wu Kung Fu Institute the programs are designed for both adults and kids of all ages! 
To begin you will learn fundamental skills based on core materials that include both External and Internal Styles of Kung Fu.  As you advance you may select to train specifically with animal, empty hand or weapons. The choice is yours to specialize in:
  1. Tiger/Leopard
  2. Bird/Crane
  3. Tai Chi Chuan
  4. Pa Kua Chang
  5. Hsing I Chuan
  6. Long Range Weapons
  7. Short Range Weapons 
  8. Drunken/Hua Fists 
  9. Praying Mantis/Monkey 
  10. Shaolin